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The heart of LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION beats steadily for fiction – whether a crime thriller, drama, mystery or comedy. A team of experts staffed with first-rate creative talent takes out-of-the-ordinary, gripping and legendary tales and turns them into electrifying cinematic stories – told on screens both big and small. From high-end series formats displaying characteristic ratings successes to long-running serials, all the way to first-class films for television and the cinema: LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION stands for outstanding, high-quality and innovative diversity in the fiction genre. For over 30 years the company has been producing successfully for all major German broadcasters and the theatrical market in closely knit co-operation marked by mutual trust. A member company of the Studio Hamburg Production Group, LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION works closely together with the seven subsidiaries REAL FILM Berlin, Nordfilm, Studio Hamburg UK, AMALIA Film, Doclights, Riverside Entertainment and B.vision Media in the form of national, European and international networks.

Terrific entertainment via innovative and established series formats

The company stands for extensive, long-term expertise in the field of fiction, always with an intuitive feel for up-to-date, highly charged and emotionally touching subjects and narratives. The series BAD BANKS delighted a viewing audience in the millions and was acclaimed by the press as the “Best German Series” in 2018. The new sitcom on ZDFneo, TANKEN – MEHR ALS SUPER, an Icelandic adaptation, can more than measure up to series concepts targeted on an international scale. Having meanwhile advanced into becoming a cult series, DER TATORTREINIGER starring Bjarne Mädel is an award-winner and even achieved success in the USA. German TV would be hard to imagine anymore without formats steeped in tradition such as NOTRUF HAFENKANTE (ZDF), GROSSSTADTREVIER (ARD), DIE PFEFFERKÖRNER (ARD) and DIE KANZLEI (ARD).

Out-of-the-ordinary, gripping and legendary tales become electrifying cinematic stories – told on screens both big and small.

Prizewinning stories featuring memorable faces – a guarantee for success

The company utilises award-winning and prominently casted event films to demonstrate its expertise in the creative enactment of sophisticated content while working together with “the creative thinkers and doers” in the industry – films made possible due to the large network of well-known figures from film and television. They include productions such as NEUE VAHR SÜD (ARD) based on a novel by Sven Regener, DER TOTE AUF DEM EIS (ZDF) starring Manfred Zapatka, Kai Wiesinger and Ulrich Tukur, VATER, MUTTER, MÖRDER (ZDF) starring Heino Ferch and Silke Bodenbender, UNTER DER HAUT (NDR) starring Friedrich Mücke, the thriller IM TUNNEL (ZDF) starring Maria Simon, and DIE VERMISSTE FRAU (ARD Degeto) starring Corinna Harfouch, Jörg Hartmann and Ulrich Matthes.

Poignant to powerful emotions on the cinema screen, too

The company celebrated worldwide success with the international feature-film production NIGHT TRAIN TO LISBON based on the book by Pascal Mercier and starring Jeremy Irons in the leading role. Further movie-theatre premieres followed, including the multiple award-winning film HEIL by Dietrich Brüggemann starring Benno Führmann. The latest productions, for example the first full-length feature-film adventure for the “Die Pfefferkörner”, DIE PFEFFERKÖRNER UND DER FLUCH DES SCHWARZEN KÖNIG, along with SIMPEL – a film by Markus Goller with a heavyweight cast featuring David Kross and Frederick Lau – have already received multiple awards. The most recent productions include the filming of the wild, first years of Rock legend Udo Lindenberg. Theatrical release for LINDENBERG! MACH DEIN DING! is the beginning of 2020. And after a more than 10-year hiatus, LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION is bringing the cult series BERLIN, BERLIN back to the silver screen by the end of 2019.


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Overview of our Awards and Nominations (a selection since 2008)

  • Nominierung für DER TATORTREINIGER in der Kategorie „Wettbewerb Fiktion | Spezial“: Autorin Mizzi Meyer, Regisseur Arne Feldhusen und Hauptdarsteller Bjarne Mädel wurden „für die Kunst, eine Serie zu beenden“ nominiert.

    • Der Tatortreiniger
  • Die LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION gewinnt für die Serie BAD BANKS in der Kategorie „Fiktion“ den renommierten Grimme-Preis. Wie von der Jury des 55. Grimme-Preis 2019 heute verkündet, dürfen Oliver Kienle (Headautor, stellv. für das Autor*innen-Team), Christian Schwochow (Regie), Lisa Blumenberg (Produzentin), Paula Beer (Darstellung Jana Liekam) und Désirée Nosbusch (Darstellung Christelle LeBlanc) die Auszeichnung für ihre Arbeit an der Serie BAD BANKS (LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION/ IRIS Productions/ ZDF/ ARTE) entgegennehmen.

    • Bad Banks
  • Bad Banks: Auszeichnungen in der Kategorie “Beste Drama-Serie” und “Beste Regie” für Christian Schwochow

    • Bad Banks
  • Mizzi Meyer gewinnt den Deutschen Fernsehpreis in der Kategorie “Bestes Buch”

    Nominierung in der Kategorie “Beste Comedy-Serie” und für Autorin Mizzi Meyer in der Kategorie “Bestes Buch”.

    • Der Tatortreiniger
  • Auszeichnung in der Kategorie “Beste Comedyserie”

    • Der Tatortreiniger
  • Paula Beer gewinnt den Bambi 2018 als “Beste Schauspielerin national”.

    Nominierung für BAD BANKS als “Serie des Jahres” sowie für Paula Beer als “Beste Schauspielerin national” für ihre Rolle der Jana Liekam

    • Bad Banks

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